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SA News

SA NEWS: 1st half of 2018. 


The Lord calls us to reach out, to use our talents to evangelise, sharing with enthusiasm the gospel message, rather than doing our own pleasure. This is much needed here in Adelaide, a quiet, conservative, sleepy little ‘town’. Most people are content with what they have and the lifestyle they have chosen, so it’s very hard for most to change or even investigate something else that may be better. But the Lord knows the heart of every individual. Each one has different needs, but all need Christ. So, we are told to reach out in various ways to find those souls who are still searching for the complete and full truth in Jesus—truth appropriate for our present world circumstances. 

At the end of last year, we were encouraged to attend the music camp in Sydney and learn the power of music for evangelising.  Entitled, ‘Light the Way’, the camp was very enjoyable.  Those present from all states can vouch for the beautiful spirit of unity and action experienced at that camp. Putting this knowledge into practise here in Adelaide, we have been reaching out in song to residents in nursing homes. Some of these homes are near to the church (Morphetville and Brighton), others close to our members’ homes, and one is a work place of one of our members (Hahndorf). The enthusiasm put into these visits has seen the aged care facilities welcoming more visits as we are able. During some of these visits, the violin or acoustic guitar fills the instrumental gap left by the lack of a piano. 

We continue to have a healthy number of visitors for our Sabbath School, almost double the registered members, and far more, if children are included. Recognising that the object of the Sabbath School is the ingathering of souls, we feel the need to encourage our neighbours to come to Sabbath School and find out the interesting things we learn. Sabbath School is appropriate for all, in view of the things we face in the world today, and especially for those who love God. The children’s presentations before each Sabbath sermon are always a highlight, and it’s great to see young people getting enthused over the stories most of us know so well! 

The last part of this first quarter of 2018 brought a great spiritual lift to our church here in Adelaide as Brother John Warncken and I re-joined the ‘little company in the light’!  We were both re-fellowshipped together on the afternoon of Sabbath May 26th, for which we thank the Lord. It is good to be a part of God’s people that continue to uphold the truth and standards for this time, without compromise.  

As we draw nearer to the end of time and the last great events of this worlds history, may the ‘Loud Cry’ swell more and more, first in gentle tones, then in greater clarity and urgency in readiness for the great arrival of our Creator and Saviour, with His entourage of angels that are eagerly awaiting, along with us, the end of all this saga! 

God bless our efforts in the final part of 2018! 

–Gary Southwell.