Dudley Foord House Visit by Focus Singers and Friends

Dudley Foord House Visit by Focus Singers and Friends

We praise the Lord that we had the opportunity to visit Sister Sas and the residents of the Dudley Foord House on Sabbath afternoon of the 22nd of September, 2018.

After a successful mini concert a few months back, Focus Singers were invited once again with their friends to present another singing program. Although we were limited in numbers this time round, our songs and instrumental items were very much appreciated by all. It was great to see a full room of spectators with approximately 40-50 residents and staff singing along to some of the well-known hymns and songs presented.  Focus Singers led out much of the singing program and were joined by items from Alan and Dawn, Joe and Lidia, Szabi and Larry, children’s items from Ivan, Owen, Zephaniah, Levi and Isaac, and instrumentals from Alan, Isaac and Ivan.

We spent a little time talking to the residents and staff after the program concluded and it was lovely to hear that they all thoroughly enjoyed the program.

We hope to visit them again soon and thank God for the missionary work through music.

~ Reported by Ivan Feaveai