QLD Baptism

QLD Baptism

Markus and Camille Dammasch, and Michael Godwin.

On the 27th of October it was a beautiful warm day in Queensland for the baptism of Markus and Camille Dammasch and Michael Godwin. Starting out with a timely message for Divine Service from Brother Paul Chapman on Reconciliation with God, we then conducted the Profession of Faith service.  Each candidate gave a hearty confession of faith followed by a testimony of thanksgiving to God and their church family.  It was a blessing to have many visitors for the baptism who had never before attended our church, but who who had especially for the baptism event.

After a filling combined lunch, we made our way to the beautiful Jabiru Island park for the baptism service.

Brother Michael was the first one buried in the waters of baptism, followed by brother Markus and sister Camille who according to their request were baptised at the same time. Brother Ben and brother Paul officiated the baptisms and welcomed the newest members into the church.

We praise God that we can have the privilege of welcoming, supporting, and working alongside these dear new brothers and sister.

We pray that God will continue to bless and keep them in their journey, all the way to the Heavenly city.

~ Reported by Jade Wales

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