WA Children’s Camp

WA Children’s Camp

A children’s camp was held for the WA field over September 28-30. It was a very simple camp with tenting and simple morning and evening worships, interspersed with children’s activities throughout Sabbath and some practical kite making on Sunday morning.

We had a little bit of adventure with Friday night blowing a gale and pushing around our tents and canopies. The morning dawned with intermittent rain. We huddled together with the fire barely keeping us warm. The Children had children’s sabbath school in the caravan for shelter and for divine service they had another practical activity about when and where they could pray.

After lunch we embarked on a nature scavenger hunt through the bush behind the property we were camping on. The children were discovering and finding different items from nature.  Unfortunately, this had to be cut short as a thunderstorm broke over us, scaring some of the children and bringing a downpour with it.

Sabbath afternoon and evening were spent around the beautiful fireplace.

Sunday morning dawned warm and sunny, a lovely reprieve from the cold. The morning was spent making kites and trying to fly them with very little wind. Camp was closed shortly after lunch and everybody made plans to travel back to their homes.

The children enjoyed a lovely time together and taught the adults an important lesson. No matter what hiccups we have, we should always be happy and make the best of a situation. We also learned lots of lessons about calling the bureau of meteorology rather than relying on phone weather apps for a prediction of the weather.

~ Catherine Robles