Elim health & book store

Elim health & book store

Grand Opening 25th November 2018. 

A decision was made to have a combined Elim Health Food Store and Elim Book Store at the Australasian Union Conference Centre in Schofields.  The rooms which have been used in the past as a Church for the Slavic brethren was no longer being used by them and was vacant.  These rooms were transformed into one large area for the new project. 

The plan to open such a store had been in the making for quite some time. Now it became a reality, and with no time wasted, the work of remodeling began.  Brother Robin Gordon with the help of Brother Joe Voncina removed all furniture, books, equipment, and floor carpet. 

The two Ilic brothers, Ivan and Branko, came to the new venture to see how they would be able to help.  Branko placed a large glass panel window in the entry foyer which allows customers to view right through to the shop.  After all the rubbish was taken away, Robin prepared and painted the walls. 

The same kitchen firm who renovated the kitchen cabinets at Elim Heights Youth Camp came and looked at our project.  We made some suggestions and they made theirs.  A quote was received, and before work began, they came again for measurements.  When we talked again, things had to be altered.  More shelving could be added.  When all the shelving was brought to the centre, Robin came again to install and fit all together.  The large drawers were specially built for heavy weight.  We are all appreciative for the work done, and the changes made did not alter the quote originally given, which was such a blessing. 

Prior to the grand opening, many hours of hard work during the day and at night were put in by Larry and Tanya Ah-ching and their family, in building and displaying the book section of the shop.  It all looked very professional and appealing.  A new talent was discovered when the job was completed! 

A new experience has begun in our Publishing Department.  At the headquarters in Summer Hill, a few shelves were set aside for our publications.  While at the Auburn centre, a brother made a “book stand” with slanted shelves for a display of our literature and as many of the Spirit of Prophecy books we could obtain.  Now we have a real book centre: “Elim Book Store”, our first book store to display all our Bibles, Spirit of Prophecy Books, Pamphlets, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. with a monitor to use before a purchase is made. 

There is a children’s corner where activities are offered to keep the children busy while the parents are purchasing in either sections of the “Elim Book Store” or the “Elim Health Store”. 

Having a large glass wall at the entry, you can peruse much of the display.  It is a beautiful way to enter the “Elim Health Store”, a real blessing!!! 

It was decided to make a “Grand Opening Day” for the Elim Health Store and Elim Book Store on Sunday 25th November.  Most of the arrangements made for this special day were organised by Sr Lidia Voncina and Sr Tanya Ah-ching.  Invitations were sent to all the contacts from the cooking demonstrations.  Posters and 10% discount cards were scattered abroad.  Everything was a big surprise to me, and it was very exciting to see the arrangements made. 

On the Grand Opening Day, as it was such a special occasion, a red ribbon was attached to the door, and as we gathered around, Bro. Paul Chapman offered a prayer of thankfulness to our heavenly Father for all His help and asked a blessing on this new project, as we enter into service for Him.  Sisters Tanya Ah-ching and Elaine Weymark cut the ribbon, and all the visitors entered to the ‘New Shop’.  They were all surprised, chose their shopping and enjoyed a 10% discount. 

For lunch there was a sausage sizzle on hot-dog roll and veggie burgers in a bun with onion and salad.  Banana cake was provided, then ice-cream in a cone.  Drinks were also on hand.  All these items were ‘For Sale’ outside, which added to the sale inside the shop.  Many helped with the day’s activities.  Br Ivan, Harry and Chris did the BBQ; Sisters Vivian, Anne, Stela and Lidia made the burgers; and Sis Amy was in charge of the till and moneys.  Inside the shop, Sisters Daniela, Rosetta, and Vesna helped Tanya and Elaine with the shop sales.  Jumping castles were also erected and available to the children. 

From the remarks expressed, everyone enjoyed the blessings from the Lord.  We pray the future work in the Elim Health Store and the Elim Book Store will be a witness for Him! 

~ Elaine Weymark