Theme for 2020-2022

Theme for 2020-2022

A theme has been announced for our strategic planning for the current term. This will be, “Uplifting Jesus, Serving People, Proclaiming Truth.”

We uplift Jesus by studying His character, accepting His righteousness, and depending on His daily grace.

We serve people by ministering to their physical, mental and spiritual needs, with prayer that they may be blessed, enriched, and led to a closer relationship with God.

We proclaim truth by making God’s word our standard, understanding its teachings, and upholding and preaching the present truth message.

We would encourage local churches and conferences to plan their conference themes around this general theme. For example, the theme for the NSW Conference camp this year will be, “Saved to Serve.” This reflects the thought that Jesus saved us so that we may not only have a place in His kingdom, but serve others in the hope that they too may accept that opportunity.

It is hoped that this theme will form a basis around which we can focus our efforts and reflect on our mission as a church.