Social Media Projects

Social Media Projects

Several of our workers and members have started new social media channels, to provide resources and stay in touch.

Br. Miguel Mendoza has been hosting different speakers, who have been sharing a variety of messages reflecting on spiritual themes for today’s world. There’s something for everyone—be sure to check out his channel!

You’ll find on Br. Jacob De Souza’s channel a variety of testimonies, messages and everyone’s favourite—recipes by Lucas. The latest, Cranberry Coconut Healthy Bars, are absolutely delectable. Check them out here:

Memorising Bible verses for the children’s lesson has never been easier, with original Scripture songs by Sr Jade Kneebone, sung by her boys Josiah and Cyrus. Find them here on Scripture for Kids:

For a daily look at God’s Word, in the theme of the current Sabbath Bible lesson, have a listen to The 7am Bible, hosted by Br Paul Chapman. This podcast can be enjoyed at home, in the car, or wherever you are. Subscribe in your favourite podcast app or find it online at: