AUC Studio Hosts History Lesson

AUC Studio Hosts History Lesson

A project from Brazil saw Brother A. C. Sas prepare and record a history lesson on the origin and early history of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement. The presentation was delivered in the Portuguese language.

Since the start of pandemic restrictions in March, we have put a lot of work into upgrading the AUC President’s office to also function as a studio, enabling video recording on demand. One window was blacked out, lighting installed, and studio equipment was donated, including camera, microphones and a media production computer. A backlit map of Australia and New Zealand hangs on the wall. This setup has been used in a number of productions, and has proven invaluable.

Br. Sas’ recording was very well received in Brazil, much to his and our satisfaction. He has now informed us that he will be preparing the same in the English language. 

You may have seen the video “History of the Reform Movement” which was part of the Reformation Series. This was filmed by Br. Sas in 1998. Asked if the new video would be the same as that, he replied that people continually ask new questions, and that this would be very much an expanded presentation. Stay tuned for this!

Br Sas reviews the recording of the History of the SDARM in Portuguese.