Concert at Clayfield

Concert at Clayfield

On the 20th of June 2021, the QLD Missionary Department held a music concert at Clayfield church to give thanks to the Lord for His amazing love and kindness toward us. It has been such a blessing to see the Clayfield church and main building repaired. Repairs have been going on for about two years or more, which have taken many hours, effort and means over the course of the project.

Having completed the repairs to the church, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to hold a concert in the building, for the friends, family, and community of Clayfield. Though living in difficult and uncertain times, we had to work by faith, trusting and believing God, for we were not sure if it would be possible to perform as certain Covid-19 restrictions were still in place.

There was a large variety of performers ranging from the Korean church musicians with vocal and instrumental arrangements to the Pimpama and Clayfield churches with group and solo performances. All the items were very beautiful. It was a wonderful opportunity to share music and community within the church and praise God. We had a full-house attendance, according to Covid-19 safety protocols.

A marquee was set up in the front yard of the church with two large heaters which we were very grateful for due to the chilly, winter evening. Our thanks go to everyone who contributed with their time and effort but especially to Sister Deborah and Sister Irene, who provided refreshments for the evening in beautifully packaged containers, ready to be distributed.

Praise the Lord that after four months of arduous work, all the plans came to a conclusion with this beautiful performance. Many people from the community and church members were also able to view the concert via livestream on YouTube, where it is still available to be viewed on the Clayfield Church channel. As an opportunity to reach out to the local community and unite your church in a common goal, preparing and hosting a sacred concert can be a big blessing to all involved. I pray that as we have opportunity, we will all continue to place our gifts and talents in God’s hands and see what He will accomplish with them.

Monica Balarezo
QLD Missionary Department