NSW Churches Re-open for Worship

NSW Churches Re-open for Worship

Sabbath morning saw many happy faces as the much awaited-for day had come. Many eager Schofields Church members, families and friends were finally able to meet together for worship in God’s house once more.

During the lockdown, the children’s Sabbath School room was divided into two functional rooms, so when the children returned, they were surprised to see their new rooms and enjoyed their separate spaces.

There were two meetings on the day: Sabbath School and Divine Service. The hymns were played by several instruments, making this day even more special.

Many times, we take things for granted, and it is not until something is gone that we miss it. This was the same with our fellowship meetings. During the time when we were not permitted to attend houses of worship, we could hardly wait till we could meet again.

We thank God that this was made possible, and may we always be grateful for the privileges of worshipping together in God’s house.