In Loving Memory of Grace Barnett

In Loving Memory of Grace Barnett

14 June 1930 – 28 December 2021

Grace Jean Barnett passed away on 28 December, 2021, aged 91 years. She was the third daughter of Ted and Violet Burley, born on 14 June, 1930 at Miles, Qld. Grace’s young life was spent on properties in western Queensland. Living in the country, social and church life was limited, but thanks to one older sister, an interdenominational Bible study group was conducted but unfortunately later closed down by the Church of England minister. An SDA colporteur visited the Burley dairy farm where he helped with the milking and after dinner would canvass his books and read the Bible. The Burleys joined the SDA church after these visits. The family moved to Nambour when Grace was 14 years of age. Grace’s parents were keen for Grace to be able to start work and also attend a local Seventh Day Adventist church. Her father found her a position to learn the dressmaking trade, which continued to be her passion for the rest of her life. She attended the Yandina Seventh Day Adventist church where there were many young people who became lifelong friends. The minister helped her to attend youth camps where she met her husband of 59 years, the late Alva Lincoln Barnett, who passed away in 2009.

During 1960, Br CP Haynes and Br S Rendell visited the Barnett Family and held many Bible studies, introducing the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement and its history. The Clayfield SDARM group officially welcomed this young family with five children to their congregation in 1961. For many years the Barnett family faithfully travelled the 200km round trip every second Sabbath to worship. Rain, hail, or shine, including floods, the regular attendance happened. In this time another son and daughter were added to complete the family.

Grace is survived by her seven children, 15 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. Grace was a very practical, no-nonsense mother and endeavoured to teach her children to work so that they would be able to care for themselves when they grew up. She also taught them to have a love for God and to live according to the way of life set out in the Bible and the Ten Commandments. Knowing God loved her, she was sustained sustained even in her last hours, praying for comfort and forgiveness. Grace was looking forward to that time when there would be no more sin and pain but the wonderful joy of seeing the Lord come in all His glory at the Second Coming. Her greatest wish for the future was that all her children and descendants would have the same heartfelt desire so that we can all be together again, but this time, in heaven.

~ The Barnett Family