Camponotus Kids – September 2022

Camponotus Kids – September 2022

West Australia

Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

It was time for another exciting Camponotus program. The children had especially been looking forward to this event, not only because of all the activities, but also because there was going to be a sleepover.

On Sabbath afternoon we all made our way to Br Luke and Sr Jade’s home where the program was all going to happen.

The theme for this event was “Lessons from Jonah”, and the objective was to understand the purpose of instructions and the reasons for following them.

The worship for close of Sabbath was centred around the Jonah story. Jonah received very clear instruction from God but chose not to obey. He was met by some terrible experiences that could have been averted had he been faithful to God in adhering to God’s explicit command.

The first activity was a guided drawing activity. Some children faithfully followed the instructions, whilst others decided to add more to their picture.

Next was a paper cup whale where they got to shoot a pompom out of it. This was especially exciting as the children tried to see who could shoot their pompom the furthest.

The following day, after a hearty breakfast, the children all gathered around the table for a Lego activity. In this activity the children began constructing objects without looking at instructions. Sometimes we tend to move ahead without taking the time to consider instructions. These experiences can easily lead to disaster.

Orienteering was our next activity. They had to bring to remembrance some of the lessons and skills acquired previously. It’s important to keep these skills alive. The children enjoyed their time in the outdoors searching out notes leading to their next destination.

After a well-deserved lunch, we got the tyres on the bikes all pressured up and took a drive to the bike park. The park had numerous signage, giving our young bikers opportunity in decision making as they engaged in on-road activity.

Our next Camponotus program was held on the 25th – 26th of September. This event was centred around the life of Daniel and his early training and understanding how Daniel’s early training guided him in decisions he made in his later life.

Some of the activities included experimenting with magnets and metals and teaching the children ways in which magnets attracts metal. Similarly, we are to be attracted to Christ.

Other activities included a salt dough model of the statue from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, orienteering and tie-dye towels. Each of these activities came with lessons in Christian growth. To finish the day off we played some team games in the outdoors.

~ Michelle Payet

Queensland Camponotus Activity Day

On a bright sunny morning a few energetic, enthusiastic children gathered on the Sunshine Coast, eager for action.

The program commenced with a prayer and a couple of “Getting to Know You” activities. We were surprised to learn some things about each other that we did not know before. We shared a story that emphasised the importance of being diligent and helpful and discussed ways that we can cultivate these qualities.

Br Markus led the group through their orienteering activity. The first lesson, which was very practical, was on finding directions and learning how a compass works. A short informative video on magnetic fields and how they work was shown, after which Br Markus made a compass. The children were then divided into two groups. Br Markus took the older ones on their orienteering adventure while Sr Adrilyn and I assisted the younger ones with their craft activity. The two groups then swapped and completed the alternate activity.

We enjoyed a nice lunch together and the children were keen to test the obstacle course. They were timed to see if they could improve the second time around. They did very well. We decided to try doing the same obstacle course again, this time with a backpack filled with a bag of sand. This helped the children understand how sin can weigh us down and make things more challenging for us. They were rewarded by finding some gemstones in the sand, which they got to keep.

In order to provide some time to cool down, the children experimented with some play dough for a while. We then demonstrated the Newtonian theory by trying to roll some logs uphill. This activity proved that a lot of force is required to stop the log from rolling down hill, and likewise it takes effort to resist temptation.

The last activity was a Tug of War. The children really put all their energy into it. Even though the sides were quite uneven, it was a tough challenge. Br Randy explained that when we face challenges bigger than we can handle, Jesus is there to help us. Br Markus then challenged one of the younger boys to a tug of war; who do you think won? It looked like Br Markus would win, but all the other children decided to help their friend, and they won. Br Markus emphasised the importance of working together and helping each other so we can succeed.

The program was concluded with singing and prayer. We thank the Lord for the wonderful day and pray that He will bless the children and help them to love Him always and be willing to help others.

~ Ethel Stoyko

NSW/Vic Camponotus Kids Camp

27-30 September 2022

Setting up a tent after dark in the rain was never my idea of fun. But watching the delighted anticipation of the children made up for the inconvenience. We started our Camponotus adventure in Seymour sloshing through soggy grass in our gumboots while praying for enough dry weather to continue with our planned activities.

God blessed us abundantly with plenty of sunshine, and although a couple of our activities had to be postponed, the children had an amazing time working as a team, being creative and exploring the local riverside.

Although the cycling and BMX jumping wasn’t a planned part of the event, I know it was one of the highlights for the children. Testing their abilities and challenging one another to extend themselves was a delight to observe. Amelia also treated the children to pony rides – a special experience for all.

The children completed a series of experiments with magnets. Understanding how magnets work, testing the strength of different magnets and discovering iron in cereal were just a few of the science activities the children explored. This was related back to how we, as children of God, need to be drawn to God as iron is drawn to a magnet, but become unresponsive to the temptations which surround us in this world.

We discussed Daniel and his friends – they “purposed in their hearts” – made a decision, a choice to follow God. This is a decision each child will make in their life. As they determine in their hearts to do right, God will entrust them with His work, just as He did Daniel.

Both young and old had fun demonstrating their creative side through tie dying towels. The object lesson woven into this lovely craft compared the towel, absorbing the beautiful colours to create a lovely pattern, and the precious truths of God’s Word being absorbed into our lives, weaving a beautiful picture.

Another analogy we explored was the river, twisting and turning, its course determined by the ground, rocks, trees, flooding and other environmental factors. But regardless of where the river runs, it gives back in abundance to the earth through providing water and nourishment. Although Daniel didn’t choose the life of a Babylonian captive, he didn’t allow it to change his determination to serve God and his fellowman.

A big thank you to all those who worked to make this program a success and especially to the Duna family for the use of their property and amenities and to Sr Natasha for taking charge in the kitchen. We look forward to joining the children again for another Camponotus Kids the first week of January.

~ Ruth Rodionoff