Homiletics Seminar

Homiletics Seminar

Coleambally Church was blessed by a visit from Br Miguel Mendoza during the second week of November when he held a Homiletics Seminar in Griffith, NSW. The seminar was a blessing to all age groups, but was particularly geared towards preparing the young people to give presentations. Each evening began with a delicious meal provided by the women of Coleambally Church and an opportunity for the young people to visit among themselves and with Br Miguel before beginning the seminar.

On the first night of the seminar, we learned about the qualities of an orator. We covered topics like how to control breathing, the rhythm of speech, body language and vocabulary. We also learnt about the Biblical qualities of an orator from 1 Timothy 4:12-16.

During the rest of the week, we learned how to prepare our sermon or presentation. Br Miguel showed us the different types of sermons, their characteristics and how to create their outlines. He also engaged us in practical activities where we could experience what we were learning and shared many of his own personal experiences that brought what we learned to life for us.

By the end of the week each attendee had prepared a presentation of up to ten minutes, which they shared with the church during Sabbath afternoon before being presented with a certificate. We are very grateful to Br Miguel for taking time away from his family and Field to make this valuable experience possible for us.

~Sr Naomi McMahon


“So grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this homiletics course. It was such a blessing, and I learned so much.” –Sr Anna McMahon

“It was very interesting to learn about the different types of sermons –topical, expository, and textual. Br Miguel taught us how to organise our presentation properly, which made it easier to present. I also liked all the food.”–Anonymous

“Attending the Homiletics Seminar was an incredibly enriching experience. Studying God’s Word and learning to present it to others brought me closer to God. It was a blessing to fellowship together while Br Miguel helped us prepare sermons to present at the Sabbath afternoon meeting. I plan to put the lessons I learned into practice in my witnessing for Jesus.” –Br Nathan Wiseman