Testimony Reading Plan

Testimony Reading Plan

At the AUC Delegation Session, 27-29 December 2010, a Testimony Reading Plan was recommended to be promoted across the Australasian Union.

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Q: Why is this reading plan being promoted?

A: In accordance with the following statement in Testimonies, vol. 4, we are encouraging the reading of the Testimonies, for the spiritual benefit of the church members, that collectively we may be better prepared for our mission.

“The volumes of Spirit of Prophecy, and also the Testimonies, should be introduced into every Sabbathkeeping family, and the brethren should know their value and be urged to read them. It was not the wisest plan to place these books at a low figure and have only one set in a church. They should be in the library of every family and read again and again. Let them be kept where they can be read by many, and let them be worn out in being read by all the neighbors.” Testimonies, vol. 4, p. 390.

Q: What was the purpose of the Testimonies for the Church?

A: The following statement explains the purpose of the Testimonies, given for the church today:

“I took the precious Bible and surrounded it with the several Testimonies for the Church, given for the people of God. Here, said I, the cases of nearly all are met. The sins they are to shun are pointed out. The counsel that they desire can be found here, given for other cases situated similarly to themselves. God has been pleased to give you line upon line and precept upon precept. But there are not many of you that really know what is contained in the Testimonies. You are not familiar with the Scriptures. If you had made God’s word your study, with a desire to reach the Bible standard and attain to Christian perfection, you would not have needed the Testimonies. It is because you have neglected to acquaint yourselves with God’s inspired Book that He has sought to reach you by simple, direct testimonies, calling your attention to the words of inspiration which you had neglected to obey, and urging you to fashion your lives in accordance with its pure and elevated teachings.” Testimonies, vol. 2, p. 605.

Q: Is there a Bible reading plan available as well?

A: Yes, Bible reading plans are available in daily and weekly formats.

Q: How can I get the Testimonies and in what formats?

A: You can get the Testimonies in the following formats:

  • Book form. Contact us at RLPA for available books.
  • CD-ROM for PC or Mac, available from RLPA.
  • Application for iPhone and iPad devices, available for free download from iTunes.
  • Audio. The Testimonies are available as free MP3 audio downloads at http://egwwritings.org/ – click on “Online Books” and follow the links to “Testimonies”

Q: How can I download the Testimony Reading Plan?

A: The Testimony Reading Plan can be downloaded here in easy-read or compact forms (PDF file).