Sabbath School Department

Sabbath School Department

The Sabbath School Department coordinates Union-wide activity of the various local branches of the Sabbath School.

The Union Sabbath School Department needs your financial support. 


In 2014-2016 we plan to achieve the following:

  • A Sabbath School Mentoring program
    a. Encourage youth to get involved in Sabbath School
    b. Train up tomorrow’s new leaders.
    c. Promote a Missionary Spirit within our Movement
  • Sabbath School Media
    a. Live streaming of the Sabbath School lessons
    b. Short YouTube clips of the Sabbath School lessons taught
    c. Short videos of missionary activities
    d. Sabbath School discussion panel videos
    e. Video recordings of PACE training sessions
  • Local missions
    a. Branch Sabbath School: Have each church take on a special task of starting, growing and maintaining a branch Sabbath School in their state.
    b. Grow branch Sabbath Schools into churches
    c. Support youth leaders and their activities
    d. Encourage attendance and participation at spiritual camps
  • Foreign Missions
    a. Encouraging local churches to support a church or group in another country, both spiritually and financially
    b. Sabbath School members participating in Fly and Build projects
  • Sabbath School Camp
    a. Debrief after PACE training
    b. Getting the youth involved
    c. Share evangelism strategies
    d. Do team building activities


All these things are very achievable if we have the training, and open and willing hearts, and apply what we learn.

Sabbath School Lessons

The current lesson for the adult division is available on the Sabbath Bible Lessons site.


Principles of Applied Christian Education

What is PACE? PACE is a series of interactive, hands-on workshops that deals with the needs of our spiritual life today.

The Sabbath School PACE will cover modules such as:

  • Purpose of the Sabbath School
  • Protocol
  • Structure
  • Finance
  • Evangelism
  • Branch Sabbath Schools
  • Finishing the work
  • and much more…

Who is PACE for? All who wish to see Jesus coming soon and who want to fulfil the mission given in Matthew 28 to go into the “whole world… and teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.”

Launching soon!

Offerings and Donations

“The Sabbath School offering is for the support of the conference, field and mission.” (GC Church Officer’s Guide.)

Currently the Union Sabbath School Department is not funded by the Sabbath School offerings, but is supporting RLPA in spreading the gospel through literature. To contribute to the Union Sabbath School Department, make sure you specify “Union Sabbath School Department Expense Fund” on your tithe slip or fill in the form below to send a pledge.