Ordination of Miguel Mendoza

We would like to welcome Br. Miguel Mendoza to the ministerial team. He was ordained as a minister at Schofields Church on Sabbath the 25th of July. Originally the ordination ceremony had been planned for the Victoria camp in April. However, with the cancellation of the camp, the plan shifted to a local service at the Maranatha church at a future date to be determined. Then the situation changed again, with metropolitan Melbourne going back into lockdown. At this point…

Report of the Online Conference

At the onset of the pandemic in Australia, we realised that all our upcoming conferences were going to be cancelled. So work began on an online conference, to take up a bit of the deficit. The conference committee from Victoria were gracious enough to let us “borrow” the theme from their Easter weekend camp which was cancelled, which had been called “Our Greatest Need.” And since we didn’t have missionary school students to assign topics (they had already gone home…

Social Media Projects

Several of our workers and members have started new social media channels, to provide resources and stay in touch. Br. Miguel Mendoza has been hosting different speakers, who have been sharing a variety of messages reflecting on spiritual themes for today’s world. There’s something for everyone—be sure to check out his channel! You’ll find on Br. Jacob De Souza’s channel a variety of testimonies, messages and everyone’s favourite—recipes by Lucas. The latest, Cranberry Coconut Healthy Bars, are absolutely delectable.…

End of Year Stocktake

The end of the financial year can be a nightmare to many businesses in Australia, and it is no different here at the headquarters. A careful account of all stock items on hand for the Elim Health and Book Stores is taken on the last day of the financial year, 30th June. This is required from us by our accountants and the government; so, it is all-hands-on-deck for the day! Like most things in life, there must be some drama…

Online Giving

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