Philippines Cyclone Appeal

In December 2021, Typhoon Rai, a powerful and catastrophic tropical cyclone, devastated communities in the Philippines, with a reported 1.5 million houses damaged or destroyed. Many church members’ homes were lost or severely damed in the destructive winds. Several church buildings were also damaged or lost, including houses of worship in Gabi-Ubay, Tayasan, Liburon and Mandatag. Funds are needed to assist in the rebuilding efforts. It is estimated the cost of rebuilding and repair to be about 2.4 million Philippine…

Musical Outreach

To those who may not be aware, a few families with a passion for music and sharing the good news of salvation have been providing online praise. For God’s honour and your enjoyment, these are available by clicking the different links below. Ah-Ching Family Sing-along For several Sabbath afternoons we were blessed to join ‘Live’ for a Sing-along session with the Ah-Ching family together with Br. Isaac Foaese. This has been a time of praise and thanksgiving. During the sing-alongs,…

In Loving Memory of Grace Barnett

14 June 1930 – 28 December 2021 Grace Jean Barnett passed away on 28 December, 2021, aged 91 years. She was the third daughter of Ted and Violet Burley, born on 14 June, 1930 at Miles, Qld. Grace’s young life was spent on properties in western Queensland. Living in the country, social and church life was limited, but thanks to one older sister, an interdenominational Bible study group was conducted but unfortunately later closed down by the Church of England…

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