Discovering Stewardship

October 2020 was designated as the Month of Stewardship. Readings and other material were prepared to share various aspects of Christian stewardship. Churches around Australia and New Zealand shared this material throughout the month. The “Discovering Stewardship” magazine and presentations can be downloaded over at the Month of Stewardship event page. And in case you missed them, here are three short videos that you might find interesting:

AUC Studio Hosts History Lesson

A project from Brazil saw Brother A. C. Sas prepare and record a history lesson on the origin and early history of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement. The presentation was delivered in the Portuguese language.
 Since the start of pandemic restrictions in March, we have put a lot of work into upgrading the AUC President’s office to also function as a studio, enabling video recording on demand. One window was blacked out, lighting installed, and studio equipment was donated,…

Children’s Online Programs – Positive Reviews

Some thoughts received by the Education Department from mothers of young children regarding the children’s on-line programs: 
“We are in the USA in a church without other young children. For us, the interactive Sabbath School class begins Friday evenings, and my children now look forward to the opening of Sabbath as they never have before. It’s been a great blessing and encouragement for them to see other children like themselves studying to follow the Lord. Thank you so much for…

Online Giving

Tithe and give offerings with our online giving system.

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