QLD Camp 2016

True Religion

In a world of thousands of ideologies, religions churches and groups, are we aware of what true religion actually is? How do we define true religion? Has religion touched and affected your life as it should? Come and join us as we contemplate this important topic together during our presentations, discussion meetings, activities and fellowship together in the beautiful hills of Samford.

What will be happening?TrueReligion

Activities will include: Spiritual meetings, discussion groups, walks, orien-teering, water activities.

Should I come?

Yes! Camp meetings are a blessing and we would love to see you there! As planning is needed please register by 11 August or earlier.

What to Bring:

  • Bible, Hymnal, pen and note pad
  • Bedding and Torch
  • Clothing suitable for both Church meetings and Bush walking Bring your canoes and life jackets if you have them.

Plan to come!

Enquires to either Ben 0412 305 457 or Jacob 0406 787 858

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