Past Events (Page 6)

Past Events (Page 6)

28 Dec, 2016 – 31 Dec, 2016

2016 AUC Spiritual Conference

When the storms hit and the winds blow, everything without an anchor is blown away. So it is in the spiritual world. Today, every wind of doctrine is blowing. Souls are carried away with all kinds of false teachings. Others are taken away by temptation and trial. The spiritual vitality of many more is just choked out by the cares of this life. So how can we withstand this spiritual onslaught? How can we holdfast through the spiritual storms that come our way.  How…
21 Oct, 2016 – 23 Oct, 2016

2016 WA Field Spiritual Conference

Come and join us in Western Australia for the 2016 Spiritual Conference. The theme is “Examine Yourselves” and we will be considering beautiful subjects in relation to the righteousness by faith.
9 Sep, 2016 – 11 Sep, 2016

QLD Camp 2016

Its that time of year again! We look forward to this year’s spiritual conference here in QLD. Come and join us as we contemplate this important topic together during our presentations, discussion meetings, activities and fellowship together in the beautiful hills of Samford.
9 Jun, 2016 – 13 Jun, 2016

NSW Camp 2016

“Deliverance – Free At Last”. “The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” Psalms 34:7 Topics include: Deliverance From Ruin Deliverance From False Doctrines Deliverance From Evil Snares Deliverance From Satan’s Spell Deliverance From Egypt Deliverance From Sinful Propensities Deliverance From Self Deliverance From Uncertainty Deliverance From Negative Emotions Deliverance From Evil Habits Deliverance From Doubt & Despair The camp is located at our property along Putty Road in Colo Heights. Register Here
25 Mar, 2016 – 28 Mar, 2016

VIC Camp 2016

Click Here to Register Online Now “I Will Come Again” Everyone loved the venue last year, so Victoria Camp 2016 will be held at a the same place! Come join us in Alexandra, Victoria for the camp themed “I Will Come Again.” We will explore Jesus’ parting promise and what that means for each person. Topics Include Hope of the second coming Signs of Christ’s return Are you prepared & ready? The remnant and the seal Another Pentecost promised Seven…
25 Dec, 2015 – 29 Dec, 2015

Education and Family Camp 2015

We would love to see you at the Elim Heights Youth Camp for the Education and Family Camp 2015. We will be beginning our program from Friday evening the 25th of December and concluding the program on Tuesday evening the 29th of December. Topics include… Raising Strong Spiritual Young People Where is Your Focus? How to Have a Happy Marriage How to Find the “Right” Person for You Media Matters Educating Our Children for Eternity Meeting Homeschooling Challenges Working with…
2 Oct, 2015 – 5 Oct, 2015

Queensland Conference 2015 Camp Meeting

Queensland Conference 2015 Camp Meeting   THEME: “Stand Up For Jesus” WHEN: 2 – 5 October 2015 WHERE: Minden Retreat, 25 BOUGHENS Road, Minden Queensland Download Invitation in PDF Format for printing and emailing Invitation-StandUp-QLD2015Camp Stand Up For Jesus! Everyday we meet challenges to our faith as Christians. Whether it involves our beliefs, our standards, or our practices, these challenges are a constant threat to our call to stand apart from this world. So how can we meet those challenges successfully? And what will…
25 Sep, 2015 – 29 Sep, 2015

WA Camp 2015

Theme: Prophecy Further inquiries: Luke on 0411 250 852 or email   …More Info Coming Soon…
5 Jun, 2015 – 8 Jun, 2015

New South Wales Spiritual Conference

Join us for NSW Spiritual Conference 2015, “Strangers and Pilgrims.” A pilgrimage suggests that we are traveling to an expected destination, a new and better opportunity. Therefore we have no fixed residence and we are classified as strangers. Are we content with this life or are we looking for a better world? Click Here for information flyer. Register before the 22nd of May for a discount! Times Starts Friday, 5th June 2015 Opening of Conference……………………………..4:45pm Sunset time for Sabbath……………………………4:54pm Venue…
24 Apr, 2015 – 26 Apr, 2015

Youth Camping Weekend – NSW

NSW Youth Department invites you to join us for a camping weekend at Gum Bend Lake in Condobolin in Central West New South Wales. The spiritual theme is “Does Our Past Determine Our Future? Located 4km west of Condobolin on Gum Bend Road, Gum Bend Lake Campground is a free campsite set in beautiful surroundings. There are excellent facilities here and the area is very well kept. Its peaceful surroundings make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy spending…
8 Apr, 2015 – 11 Apr, 2015

NZ Camp 2015

Theme: “Jesus: The ‘I Am’” Download the NZ Field Conference 2015 Invitation.