International Youth Congress 2013

International Youth Congress 2013

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Announcing the International Youth Congress 2013

August 12 – 18, 2013

Mongyorod, Hungary, EU

With the theme “Friends of the King”

Dear friends, as you may already know, we have prepared a week of fellowship with the Lord and His followers from all around the world! You will be received with the same hospitality as you surely remember, at the Church in Mogyorod (about 23 km N-E from Budapest downtown) Godollo Ut .(street), No. 201, Hungary. (N:  47°.59’51”76, and E:   19°.27’14”17).

Accommodation will be at University Campus Godollo, (approx. 9 km from the Church in Mogyorod). There are two options for stay:

  1. In rooms with two beds, and personal bathroom, in excellent conditions! (This part of the Campus has been recently renovated)
    • Price: 24 Euro/bed/night
  2. In rooms with three beds, good conditions, well maintained, and public bathroom at the end of halls.
    • Price: 18 Euro/bed/night.

These prices include the three daily meals, which will be served in the dinning hall of the Mogyorod Church.

Please, go on and download, fill up and submit your registration form, – not later than July the 15th – to the addresses (provided also in the form itself!), which are: , (Br Radu Ionita), or (Zoli Matias, Hungarian Field YD Director)


If you have any question or clarification to be made, please contact the organizing team on these e-mail addresses! If you need help to be picked up from the airport, or in any related aspect of your participation, we wait for your messages!

The Christian can not rejoice alone, “he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me!;…” (Luk. 15:6) Therefore warmly invite your friends to join the Congress, and be blessed!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Your brothers from the YD