Education Department News

Papua New Guinea Teacher’s Training Seminar

From the 16-20 September, 2012, a Teacher’s Training Seminar was held in Papua New Guinea Mission Field. The seminar was a further step in the preparation of Teachers for the first three Christian day schools set to commence operations in February next year. We have been blessed by the support of “Christian Light Publications”, suppliers of “Christian Light Education” (CLE) curricula materials. Elmer Glick, a trainer from the USA, and Jason Kauffmann, the CLP representative in Australia, delivered the training…

Papua New Guinea School Project

New PNG Government legislation, which came into effect last month, requires compulsory schooling for all PNG children. To meet this requirement, we are pleased to report that our brethren in PNG have taken the first steps in implementing a Christian based education program. In October 2011, the AUC Education Department, in assisting with the coordination of program curricula, received over 300 names of potential students who wish to be be enrolled in the school program. To date, five tutors have…