Posts from December 2022

Posts from December 2022

AUC Camp Meeting 2022 – Live Now

The Australasian Union Conference Camp Meeting 2022 is being held at Elim Heights Youth Camp from December 28-31, 2022. All meetings including Sabbath School and Young Peoples Meeting are being livestreamed to YouTube – Join us online!

Schofields Church Cooking Classes

With Covid restrictions finally gone and things opening up to normal again, it was time to put our cooking demonstration hats back on and get in and amongst our community again. We heard regularly from people who had participated in the past, asking us when we would be holding another series. Our last attempt in 2021 had not been possible due to going back into lockdown just before the scheduled dates, but this time with the help of God, we…

Homiletics Seminar

Coleambally Church was blessed by a visit from Br Miguel Mendoza during the second week of November when he held a Homiletics Seminar in Griffith, NSW. The seminar was a blessing to all age groups, but was particularly geared towards preparing the young people to give presentations. Each evening began with a delicious meal provided by the women of Coleambally Church and an opportunity for the young people to visit among themselves and with Br Miguel before beginning the seminar.…

Canvassing Seminar

Our Victorian conference was blessed in the month of October with the visit of Brother Jacob de Souza and his dear family – Sister Sandra, Lucas and Isabella. They came and stayed with us on the weekend of the Sabbath 15th of October when Bro. Jacob shared a message based on Matthew 13:47-51 entitled, “The Net.”This was a powerful message on our need of being fishermen of souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. He also reported quite a significant amount…