Australasian Union Conference Officers for 2011-2013

Australasian Union Conference Officers for 2011-2013


32nd Delegation Session, December 2010


Offices and Departments  
President Ben Thiel (Public Relations Officer)
Vice Presidents Alasdair Pow, John Ciric
Secretary / Treasurer Joe Voncina
Executive Committee

Ben Thiel, Alasdair Pow, John Ciric, Joe Voncina,

Brian Jaksic, Peter Szabo, Nathan Tyler

AUC Council Exec. Comm Dept Leaders, Field Leaders
Ministerial Committee

B. Thiel (chair) P. Chapman, J. Ciric, P. Lausevic,

A. Pow M. Thiel, N. Tyler

Advisors: Retired Ministers
Ministerial Council All Credentialed Ministers in the AUC
Missionary Department Luke Kneebone
Sabbath School Department Garry Kraus
Young People’s Department Peter Szabo
Health Department Alasdair Pow
RLPA Tabitha Hauptmann
Welfare Department John Lausevic
Education Department Deborah Chapman
Elim Missionary College Peter D. Lausevic
PTCC (Present Truth Correspondence Course) Lidia Voncina
EHMC (Elim Heights Management Committee) Neville Brittain
Elim Store Elaine Weymark
Finance Committee Danko Ilic (chair), H Kraus, G McMahon
Auditor Mary Wiseman
Good Tidings Editor Paul Chapman (Associate Editor: B Thiel)
Youth Challenger Editor Csongor Matyas (Associate Editor: S Newman)
Literature Review Committee

N Brittain, E Weymark, V Rendell, J Ciric, J Newman

Proof Readers K Matyas, C Thiel, E Stoyko
Electronic Media Review Committee M Thiel, G Robles, K Matyas, N Tyler, A C Sas
Web Development Team (Contents) N Tyler, L Voncina, K Matyas
General Conference Delegates Alasdair Pow, Paul Chapman
Standby Delegates Brian Jaksic, Nathan Tyler
Worker Placement  
Office Workers J. Voncina, L. Voncina, T. Hauptmann, C. Brown
Workers By Unit  
Fiji Mission Field N. Rokotuitai
New South Wales Field Conference

P. Lausevic (part-time), G. McCutcheon, A. Pow, M. Stoyko (part-time)

New Zealand Mission Field J. DeSouza (trainee), M. Thiel
Papua New Guinea Mission Field

J. Dumambi, T. Ngunts, H. Yaimas, P. Kolts (part-time), P. Amini (part-time)

Queensland Mission Field J. Araya (trainee), P. Chapman
Samoa Mission Field S. Salalilo
South Australia Mission Field C. Matyas
Vanuatu Mission Field B. Mogoro, A. Pakoasongi, A. Jonas
Victoria-Tasmania Mission Field B. Thiel, N. Tyler
Western Australia Mission Field G. Robles
Ministers Assisting the Islands J. Ciric, B. Jaksic


 Ministers and Elders

Ministers   Elders
P. Chapman M. Thiel J. Dumambi
J. Ciric N. Tyler Br Ilic (Snr)
B. Jaksic H. Yaimas G. McCutcheon
P. Lausevic Retired Ministers: G. McMahon
B. Mogoro A C Sas J. Newman
A. Pow M Southwell A. Pakoasongi
M. Stoyko N Brittain G. Robles
B. Thiel S Barat J. Szabo (Snr)