Floods in Australia – Update

Floods in Australia – Update

In what has become another catastrophic summer for Australia, large portions of the country which have endured drought conditions for the past 10 years have now experienced torrential rain and flooding.


In the aftermath of the Brisbane River flooding church leaders in Queensland have been in touch with all of our church members and friends. Some are still cut off from access to commercial centres, however all are safe. Some have reported their local supermarkets are running low on foodstuffs.

A major concern of many residents has been a shortage of fuel for cars. Latest reports indicate that tankers are only now just able to enter Brisbane to restock dwindling supplies.

New South Wales

The storm systems that brought rain to Queensland have also impacted New South Wales, particularly in the north. Heavy rains have been experienced in the western part of the state.

So far no members are believed to be affected.

Victoria and Tasmania

Parts of the state of Victoria are now experiencing flooding for the third time in five months. Parts of Northern Tasmania are experiencing flooding as the rain continues.

Victoria-Tasmania Field leaders have been in touch with our members and friends. While all are safe, there have been some evacuations, and at least one family have serious concerns for their home and belongings. Others will be keeping a keen eye on water levels over the next day or so.

South Australia

One member and their family in South Australia were affected by local flooding in December. Otherwise it has been a mild and wet summer in what is normally a dry and bushfire-prone state.

United in prayer

As we hear word of present flooding and devastation in parts of the world, including the loss of 500 lives in Brazil, we are reminded of the reality that we are indeed at the end of time.

Our prayers are with all those who have lost friends and loved ones. We know time is short. May God help all of us to make a full consecration to Him in readiness for His appearing.


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