NSW Youth Camp 3-6 October 2014

NSW Youth Camp 3-6 October 2014

Abercrombie Caves NSW

It dawned a beautiful day the 3rd of October 2014 and with plenty of firewood loaded up, my brother and I set off to the wonderful campground of Abercrombie Caves. Arriving before noon to help set up the many

tents and tarpaulins, we soon found our camping area, which was nicely nestled in a corner so we could all be together. By the time most of the people arrived it was time to open Sabbath with a small study put together and presented by Br Domenic on the trials and sweet experiences of the children of Israel.  After our evening meal, we all sat around the fire and engaged in a wonderful Bible quiz in which we discussed the various good character traits that each of our Bible characters had.  As a lot of people would know, the high country is very cold overnight and in our case, hot during the day, but due to our great raging fire, everyone was able to get warm before they retired for the night.

Sabbath morning was nice and casual as we all got up when the sun had warmed the air. After morning worship, we greeted a welcome to the day visitors, and pretty soon Sabbath School got underway. With all the discussions and shared truths it took until lunchtime to finish.

In the afternoon, we had a big nature walk. Nearly everyone participated in it and enjoyed it. We were all instructed to gather some articles from nature that reminded us of a story in the Bible. Rocks seemed to be the flavour of the day, for when we all got back, five or more of us all had the story of David and Goliath!!!!! But with all the interesting object lessons that were presented, I am sure a blessing was gained.  After some choruses were raised in praise, Br Alasdair Pow closed the Sabbath with a spiritually encouraging sermonette.

As the sun rose over our little camp on Sunday morning, birds could be heard in the trees nearby singing their Maker’s praise. Morning worship, led by Cameron Thiel, brought birds to our minds once more as we learnt about the woodpecker and its amazing antics. As soon as breakfast was over, a big nature walk was organised, and soon we were all on our way. The vast hills and valleys were very stimulating on the mind as we thought of our heavenly Father and His merciful, bountiful blessings to us. The creek running by and the

shady trees were just some of the scenery that was enjoyed by everyone who came on the walk. In the afternoon, the self-guided cave tour was on, and we all enjoyed several hours in a very large cave that sometimes has floods run through it. The acoustics were amazingly melodious, and when we all sang, the harmony was very heart touching. Some of the other members of the public that were in the cave, commented that they very much enjoyed the music. Pools of water with plenty of rocks lined the floor of the cave, and this provided much entertainment with the skimming of the smoothest rocks that could be found. Those of us that could stay until Monday morning enjoyed another wonderful evening around the fire chatting and catching up on the wonderful events of the past days.

I pray that each of us that attended can remember the wonderful spiritual time of this camp and be excited and enthusiastic to attend the next one.

~ Reported by Sam Wiseman