Baptism – Sydney NSW

Baptism – Sydney NSW

Cameron Thiel – 19th December 2015


When a person decides to give his heart to the Lord, we all rejoice, but when it is a young person, the joy is more abundant.

On December 19th, we were happy to witness Cameron Thiel’s testimony in his desire to follow the Lord.  The day was very hot, and we had many visitors from interstate.  The profession of faith was conducted at the Schofields church.  Cameron’s personal testimony of how he has found a personal relationship with the Lord, which has made his life more meaningful, was encouraging to us all.  Focus Singers had a beautiful item, “I’ve Anchored My Soul in The Haven of Rest”.


We gathered at the banks of the Hawkesbury River in Windsor for the baptism.  This time due to the hot weather, we searched for a shadier place than where we have had previous baptisms.  We found a lovely spot near the bridge, shaded by lovely sheoaks, with several sand banks for the elderly to find a comfortable sitting spot.  Br Peter Lausevic conducted the baptism, and different brethren who have played a role in either studying or encouraging Cameron all took part in the riverside service.  Again Focus Singers favoured us with another hymn, “Redemption Draweth Nigh”.


After the fellowship service, we gathered in the adjacent park for refreshments and enjoyed fellowshipping together in nature.  What a beautiful way to end the Sabbath day!