Church Social Afternoon – New Zealand

Church Social Afternoon – New Zealand

As I think of Bro. John Bayne, I remember our last Sabbath day together with him. It was a beautiful day, and Bro. John and his niece (Sis. Micah Bayne) arrived quite early that morning and were even earlier than us! He took the Sabbath School that morning on pronto. He was very cheerful that day. Little did we know what was going to happen that week. He played the saxophone for the instrumentals.


Anyways, after Divine Service we had our Sabbath lunch, and he ate the kumara noodles that he requested from my mum. After lunch we had Young People’s meeting, and we all presented different items. It was a lovely meeting.

12743593_10208791458163994_9119545194544306127_nLater that day, close to evening, we had our dinner, which consisted of sweet desserts. After dinner we had our Social Evening.

We all had a grand time, and there were a lot of activities. Sis Corrin suggested we have our Social Evening outside. We played quizzes and guessing games. And we all had presented items; Desiree sang a song. My mum and I sang a duet together, Sis Corrin did the games, Bro Michael did a reading and some of the sisters sang some songs. It was one of the best social evenings that we had.


After Social Evening and Closing Sabbath everyone started packing up and heading home. Those who stayed talked, and Bro John was busy talking to everyone.

When it was time to go home we packed our stuff in the car and said goodbye to everyone. I remember saying to Bro. John, “Goodbye, brother. Hope to see you again sometime.” I shook his hand and waved goodbye. And that was the last time I saw him.

~ Report by Adelaide Pedrosa