Church Building Project – Kalkallo, Victoria

Church Building Project – Kalkallo, Victoria


The moment has finally arrived! We have started the building of another church in Melbourne. It has taken quite a few years, and many prayers, to come to this point, but once we received the green light to proceed there was no delaying. On the 6th July 2016 we gathered at the building site for special prayers for this project, to ask for God’s blessing and guidance.

The ground has been prepared for the foundation. This was not an easy task as many large rocks are scattered all across the site. But with the use of heavy machinery, and a lot of man power, the first lot of concrete has been poured. You can keep up to date with the progress of the building here: and follow along on facebook here:

Psalm 127:1 tells us that ‘Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.’ We had this experience many times since the start of this project and could see God’s hand helping us overcome so many obstacles. May He be our guide and helper during the building process as well.

Your sister in Christ,
Brigita Szabo

Gorse be gone!

The property we bought for our new church building is a beautiful piece of land- with a bit of an ugly spot. Unfortunately, a large section of it has been infested with gorse, which is a pretty annoying weed that is hard to eradicate. Here is a small reminder of what we were dealing with:

So we organised a busy bee, and around ten strong men worked the best part of the day to attack it with force. They came with chain saws, hand saws, poison and even a bobcat. But this gorse was just too big of an enemy to be tackled by mere mortals. We needed the heavy artillery! So we organised a company to come with their big mulching machine, and guess what? The gorse stood no chance! The block of land looks very pretty right now; in a way we get to finally see the whole lot in its full glory!

The important task ahead is to keep up the weed control so that we can eradicate this pest for good. So the plan is to have another busy bee and apply poison to the area as per the council environmental department’s advice. This way we can hopefully get the plants to die down even all the way to the roots. We really don’t want them to sprout again once spring comes!

This whole exercise made me think. Do we sometimes let our favourite sins take root in our hearts? What will it take to get rid of them? Once they have taken up residence in our heart it is hard and painful to get rid of them. I came across this verse that gives advice on how to remedy the situation:

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11

Reading His Word will keep us close to Him and give us strength to withstand temptation. So take your Bible from the shelf and give your heart a boost!

~ Brigita Szabo

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