Homiletics & Oratory Skills Training Program

Homiletics & Oratory Skills Training Program

Program Report

From 21-25  January, 2018, we prepared a “Homiletics and Oratory Skills Training Program” which was aimed to reach the young people in our church from 12 years old onwards. The program was as follows:

We met from 4pm to 6pm everyday, and the session topics were:

  • 21 January,  Introduction to Oratory and Homiletics
  • 22 January, Learning the Lesson: Expository Sermon
  • 23 January, Exhaustive Research: Topical Sermon
  • 24 January, Unpacking the Word: Textual Sermon
  • 25 January, Preparation of Sermons

The training program was held at Keilor Church from  21-25 January. Then on 27 January, the students presented their “sermonettes” in the afternoon youth programme.

It was a blessing to see our young people involved in searching, preparing and delivering their messages.

After their presentations, the participants received a certificate of completion.

~ Miguel Mendoza