Schofields Property Back Fence Completed

Schofields Property Back Fence Completed

For many years the Schofields property was bounded by a paddock on one side. But since the subdivision went in behind the church, there is now a street and a row of houses. Along with this came the need to upgrade the old tattered stock fence, which became a hazard and an eyesore.

In 2019, hardwood fencing was sourced from the sawmill in Colo Heights. The slings of timber sat waiting for a busy bee, for quite a number of months.

Finally, arrangements were made to finish the fence, with a combination of contract and volunteer labour. Construction was effectively completed in December 2020.

We want to acknowledge the leadership of Br Harold Kraus in coordinating the project, and personally putting in many hours to ensure its success. Thanks also to his family who missed him for a few Sundays as he worked on site to see the task completed.

Many thanks to all those who were involved in putting up the fence, which gave the back boundary a facelift and presents a better view to the neighbourhood.