WA Youth Dinner

WA Youth Dinner

Fondue, being a social event, and generally acceptable to the fancy of both the gentleman and ladies of WA, was chosen as our end of year event.

The preparation for this event began a week before, with Jade Kneebone’s team running all over Perth looking for enough fondue sets for the thirty people expected at the dinner. The food preparation began a few hours before the dinner was supposed to start on Sunday. The first call of duty for the helpers involved the chopping of bucketloads of vegetables (too much food being a necessity at these sort of events). There were a few mishaps in the preparations, the most prominent of these was the buying of the wrong fuel for the fondue burners, which was then spilt onto the floor causing someone to slip. Thankfully they weren’t hurt, and the fuel still worked okay.

Time quickly passed and it became apparent that everything would not be ready by 5:00pm. We didn’t have to worry though, because questions began to appear on the group chat, such as, “What time are we supposed to be there?” “Was it at five or six?” And from some people who didn’t get the memo of ‘Vegan Fondue Dinner’ “Is there going to be Sushi?” The hopes of the delusional were brought back to reality with the explanation that “Fondue is Swiss and Sushi is Asian. Both great, but right now we’re doing Swiss.”

Once everyone had arrived the food still wasn’t ready so most of the youth sat outside and played some games while waiting. Once we were all seated and said grace, we started battering the vegetables on our fondue sticks and frying them. There were comments on how the fondue sticks looked like weapons, whereupon a certain uncle stabbed his niece in the hand with one, “accidentally” of course. Another of this his shenanigans included filling up the same niece’s drink with vegetables from the food platter and christening it “The Lil’ Niece.” I’m afraid I cannot vouch for his innocence in this instance.

As the ambassador for event recommendations, I would definitely suggest fondue, as it gets the shy talking. (Its effect on the crazy must also be taken into account).

Thank you to Jade, Johnny and Chloe for organising this event. It was very much enjoyed by everyone who attended.
        ~Jhana Lausevic