QLD Youth Campout

QLD Youth Campout

While others had come before and set up camp, the car I was in arrived to camp very late – at midnight in fact. Inskip Point is very sandy, and we got stuck in the sand on our way in, because of driving too slowly. Two helpful campers got us unstuck and gave us some good advice which we would all end up using over the weekend: “Drive it like you stole it!”

The next day, Sabbath morning, dawned lovely and bright. Some young people got up early and went for a walk on the beach. Unfortunately for those of us who had come late and slept in, the weather worsened a bit through the day.

Morning worship was taken by Br Keian Reyes. After breakfast, we shared experiences for Sabbath school. Then instead of a sermon, we had an interactive Bible study led by Br Tyler.

Even though it was raining and cold, and we didn’t get to get out and walk on the beach during the afternoon due to the weather, it was nice to be together huddled under our two camp marquees.

God blessed us with great weather in the evening, and we all went to Rainbow Beach and enjoyed walking on the sand and seeing all of the different colours, which give the beach its name. Kayli led out in closing of Sabbath as we sat on top of the dune watching the sunset.

Our final worship was held early Sunday morning. Some of us had to return home, while those who stayed behind enjoyed kayaking in Tin Can Bay after a picnic lunch on Sunday afternoon.    ~ Daniela Balarezo