South Australian Field News

South Australian Field News

Using our Talents – Large or Small

The church membership in South Australia is very small compared to other fields in Australia, but that doesn’t mean that the Lord has forgotten about this part of the world when it comes to the blessings He is willing to share with us. Once a month  as part of our missionary work we all go to different nursing homes and sing songs for about an hour. It is a great time for us to practice our public singing talents however small they are, and it is a great time for those in these institutions to have a rejoicing time with us singing along. Some times it seems that the listeners are dozing away and really are not interested in listening. But afterwards we usually spend some time talking to the elderly and try to encourage them and that is when you realize that the singing wasn’t just wasted time and energy. Some express in simple words how much the songs have encouraged them while others with tears in their eyes are begging us to come more often. We also deliver short messages to these lovely souls not always realizing how much it means to them, how much they are encouraged by them. It is a great blessing to be able to sing at these nursing homes.

Great blessing has been received also as a result of little group missionary activities where two or three individuals have conducted various activities. One of these is a home cooking demonstration where friends of our faith have been invited to a private home and have learned how to cook different healthy and tasty vegetarian foods. The atmosphere was beautiful and good quality time has been enjoyed by both, the visitors as well as our church members, not even mentioning the spiritual blessing that is felt by all as a result. The Lord is willing to bless His people and for this we do not necessarily need to be great evangelists. We all can share a part in spreading the gospel message to every man we come in contact with. A paragraph comes to my mind from Review and Herald Nov. 24, 1896, 11:

“Each one is to work in God's great moral vineyard. He bids you use your entrusted gifts, large or small, in whatever sphere you may be called to act, employing every capability, and improving the smallest gift for him.”

Let us all use our talents no matter how inconsiderable they appear, as the Lord can only multiply and bless them as we put them in practice and use them.