A Tribute to Steven Lett

A Tribute to Steven Lett

By Nathan Tyler

Those who knew Steve Lett knew a quiet but earnest man who thought about big ideas and always wanted to develop his talents and learn more.

Born in 22 December 1965, Steve has family around NSW and Victoria. He spent the last number of years in Belfrayden, NSW with his wife, Debbie.

In 2019, Steve requested rebaptism. It had been my privilege to perform this on the 14th of April of that year, near Wagga Wagga. Steve was happy that he had renewed his covenant with God. He spoke of projects he would like to finish and skills he would like to learn that might be useful in communicating the gospel to others.

Sadly, the worsening of a lifelong condition finally threatened to cut his dreams short, and Steve spent the better part of two years in hospitals and nursing care. It was a non-malignant growth next to his heart, they said. It could not safely be operated on, but it interfered with the functioning of his heart, which then caused the function of other vital organs to deteriorate.

Whilst the doctors gave Steve only weeks or months to live, he hung on tenaciously for a year and a half. He was able to visit friends and family and go out for a meal at times. Despite restrictions on visitation, a few of us were able to see him at different times, although not as much as Steve wanted, sadly.

Steve’s favourite word was “paradox.” This word is defined as something which seems absurd or contradictory, but yet is true. Steve found many paradoxes in life, but perhaps the one he grappled with the most is the fact that eternal life would begin for him in death.

The long battle ended on Friday the 11th of June. Steve was only 55 years old.

Because of restrictions, any family, friends or pastors from greater Sydney were not able to attend the funeral, conducted on the 28th of June. However, Br Robert Wiseman of the local Coleambally Church was assisted by Br Ben Thiel, who came up from Victoria. Br Steve was laid to rest at Glenmorus Memorial Gardens, Albury NSW.

When we read in Psalm 116:15, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints,” we recognise that though death is a difficult thing to face, yet to God it represents the time when His servants can finally rest. Steve has finally found that rest, and we look forward to the resurrection, when he will receive an eternally new and vigorous body and will be able to take up his dreams anew.

Graveside service: https://youtu.be/Y5VMA2fQzCc