Western Australia Field Conference

Western Australia Field Conference


For all who attended the Western Australian Field Conference held during the long weekend in September, I am sure it was an incredible blessing.

The Conference began on Friday night with Br. Southwell giving the first study on the theme of the Conference, which was "Onward Ever Onward". The song he picked for the last hymn was, very appropriately, "Onward Christian Soldiers." This was the song the choir was already planning to present for the study but was unfortunately unable to sing.

Sabbath was a really beautiful day. We were blessed to have the Robles family visiting along with Sr. Robles’ father from Chile, who had assisted the choir greatly in preparing their songs for the Conference. There were also a number of other visitors who attended. Around 55 were in attendance for the main service.

For an activity in the Young People’s Meeting, Sr. Daphne Newman drew our attention to the parable of the lost coin. She had placed a coin somewhere in the meeting hall and all the members of the congregation had to get up from their seats and look for it. When they had seen it, they were to return quietly to their seats. It took awhile and a couple of hints from Sr. Daphne before anybody returned to their seats. Jonathan Thiel was the first one who spied the lost coin and so he was required to go up the front and ask the person who last spied the coin a Bible question. This happened to be Br. Southwell, who had some trouble finding the lost coin. He was still wandering around aimlessly looking for it while everyone had returned to their seats. It was a very enjoyable exercise and one that I am sure everyone will remember.

We were very blessed on Sabbath evening by the Social Meeting, which constituted mainly of singing items. There is no better way in the world than to praise God with song and we really enjoyed all the items presented.

Br. John Ciric and Br. Jeremy Parker presented the studies on Sunday morning. We were encouraged to ensure our hearts were pure and undefiled before God, so that our work in spreading the message to others is not impeded in any way. It is only by purifying the spring that the water can be pure.

Sunday afternoon was allotted to recreation and enjoying fellowship with each other. On Sunday evening the final address was taken by Br. Southwell and Br. Ciric.

We thank the Lord for His tender care over all of us and for sending the Holy Spirit to be with us during the Conference.

Catherine Thiel