Obituary – Bruce Gordon

Obituary – Bruce Gordon

We have been saddened in recent weeks with the death of three of our beloved brethren: Sis. Esther Southwell, Sis. Maria Korchynsky and Bro. Bruce Gordon.

They were all dearly loved by their families and friends. While we will miss them greatly, we take comfort in the promise that they now rest in Christ awaiting the blessed hope of the resurrection. Last issue we reflected on the life of Sis. Maria Korchynsky. This issue we remember Br Bruce Gordon as told by his family.

“Francis Bruce Gordon passed away suddenly on 2nd March 2011 at his home at Busselton, Western Australia. Known to all as Bruce, he was born on 4th July 1932 in Milton, NSW, and lived his early life in the Lochiel area. His mother having passed away when he was only 10 days old, and his father when he was 9 years of age, he was brought up by his grandmother and uncle. He worked on the family dairy farm and it was there that he met his wife-to-be, Lillian McMahon. They were married on 30th June 1954, Bruce having been baptised at Botany Bay at the 1954 Easter Conference, along with Esther McMahon (later Southwell), and two others. Br. C.P. Haynes officiated at the wedding.

“The early years of marriage were marked with various house and job changes, often due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. Eventually they built a home on a small farm at Lochiel, and finished raising their family of five children there. All five children were baptised and remain faithful Church members.

“Bruce and Lillian finally decided to move over to Western Australia in early 1989, where they were to enjoy many happy years of retirement together. With some of the children still over east, and others living in the west, much of their time was spent travelling back and forth, visiting numerous relatives, friends and Church members as they went. Besides travelling, Bruce’s hobbies included renovating his three old Ford trucks, wood crafting, and growing vegetables. He also put in many hours maintaining the Stratham church.

“Bruce was a very quiet, considerate, and dependable husband, father, friend and neighbour. A truly meek man, he was always happy to work quietly in the background and would often go unnoticed by people. But those who took the time or trouble to get to know him would discover that he was a man of deep convictions and strong opinions. His greatest pleasure was in watching his family grow up and extend as each of the 14 grandchildren came along. He will be sadly missed by his loving family and many friends, but we can rejoice in the hope that we will be re-united at the time of the glorious resurrection.”

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