Mother’s Day Outing – Queensland

Mother’s Day Outing – Queensland

“Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” Exodus 20:12.

On the 10 of May, the Pimpama Group held a very special Mother’s Day picnic at Underwood Park, in Queensland. What a kind, thoughtful attitude of all the fathers that planned to give their wives and mothers a relaxing day off in nature, in fellowship with all the other mothers. It was a very beautiful sunny morning; all the mums got to sit down and relax while the fathers put on their aprons and prepared a delicious vegetarian barbeque, salads and special cakes.


The plan was for all the children to serve their dear mothers, showing their love and appreciation for all the hard work their mothers do for them. The children also gave their mothers a very special card for the occasion.

We would like to thank God for this special gathering, and may we always remember all the mothers in our prayers.


What does the pen of inspiration say about mothers?

“The Queen of the Home—The king upon his throne has no higher work than has the mother. The mother is queen of her household. She has in her power the molding of her children’s characters, that they may be fitted for the higher, immortal life. An angel could not ask for a higher mission; for in doing this work she is doing service for God. Let her only realize the high character of her task, and it will inspire her with courage.” The Adventist Home, p. 231.

“No work can equal that of the Christian mother. She takes up her work with a sense of what it is to bring up her children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. How often will she feel her burden’s weight heavier than she can bear; and then how precious the privilege of taking it all to her sympathizing Saviour in prayer! She may lay her burden at His feet and find in His presence a strength that will sustain her and give her cheerfulness, hope, courage, and wisdom in the most trying hours.” The Adventist Home pp. 204, 205. Amen!

PS- Father’s Day is in September!!! 😃

~ Reported by Sandra de Souza