NSW: Depression Recovery Program

NSW: Depression Recovery Program

Depression Recovery Program: Wollongong March 28th-April 4, 2017

Last year, the missionary school students participated in as well as facilitated a Depression Recovery Program in Wentworthville Church. The results were very encouraging, as we had over 10 participants who experienced great results and lasting changes in their lives after going through the program. Needless to say, the students also had a great experience and gained the skills needed to facilitate the program in their local areas as well.

This year, the Depression Recovery Program is being held in Wollongong every Tuesday night at 7pm. Due to the interest that has begun in that area through current and new contacts, we realised that there was a need to provide a program that would not only improve mental health, but also feed the mind that is starving for God’s love and the peace that a life hid in Christ can provide. Keeping these goals in mind, three introductory sessions were held where potential participants would gain further information about the program.

We thank the Lord for His providence as the participants which have signed up are committed and dedicated to finding a way to improve their mental health and overcome the obstacles that they have been facing for years. In this, they will be needing your prayers throughout the successive weeks as the first step is always the most difficult, and we can anticipate the kinds of challenges that each one will face. In the first session, we discussed what depression is and its causes. In the workshop that followed, each participant shared their reason for attending and what they hoped to achieve. Many were surprised by learning about the ten hit categories (i.e. circadian rhythm, genetic, nutrition, addiction to name a few) to the brain and that if you experience at least 4 or more, there is a greater likelihood of developing depression.

However, this program is effective in that it targets not only the mental state that is created through depression but also aims to find the cause of depression and treat it through learning new lifestyle habits and making better choices. It is something that I cannot recommend enough to anyone who is looking to help their depression and find joy and happiness once again. Not only that, but it is also helpful to those who are not suffering from depression and are willing to learn about mental wellbeing or else how to support a loved one who is suffering from depression. This is only week two, and there are six weeks to go; but with God’s help, and your prayers, we will see lasting, positive results.

~ Daniela Balarezo