Music Camp Report – Day 2

Music Camp Report – Day 2

Sunday 24th December, 2017

We awoke early to a beautiful, sunny morning. At 7:00 we split into groups for the meetings with our youth mentors, who had prepared great activities for us. Br. Nathan Tyler had prepared a beneficial worship for us, which was at 7:30, after which we had a hearty breakfast.

Br. Liviu Tudoroiu had prepared an educative lecture on the story of Jonah, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the congregation. Then the choir, led by Sr. Elisabeth Balarezo, and the orchestra, led by Sr. Barbara Montrose, split for rehearsals. Meanwhile the children had great activities. They sang songs, engaged in craft making and thoroughly enjoyed the jumping castle.

Our wonderful cook, Sr. Esther Boje, prepared a delicious lunch for us. Someone said it was the best meal yet. After lunch, Sr. Barbara Montrose had a thought-provoking lecture prepared on the topic of music history. What made it more interesting was that she presented the topic from a  biblical perspective.

Activity directors Br. Benny Gules and Br. Chris Cosson prepared for us the best activities for a hot day. We had a great water slide and water fight with buckets and water bombs. Once we were thoroughly cooled down, we got ready for the next meal of the day. Cool, refreshing watermelon and mini pizzas were a perfect addition to a delicious tea. This wonderful day finished with an inspiring worship taken by Br. Miguel Mendoza. He gave us three main points to contemplate, 1. Rejoice evermore; 2. Pray without ceasing; and 3. In everything give thanks. We look forward to another dynamic day filled with great mind-building activities.