He Was the Promised One

He Was the Promised One

He was the promised one,

The son of an old man.

The delight of a grey-haired Mother,

He was God’s well-thought-out plan.


The old man was Abraham,

He and God were friends.

But t’was heard

Take now thine only son

And of his life,

You will make an end.


But this was the son of promise,

The boy that had taken away their pain,

If his line should be destroyed,

There would be no hope again.


But Abraham obeyed the Father’s will,

And he and the promised son,

Journeyed to the hill.

The place that made the old heart weep,

It seemed the mountain was far too steep.


Oh, Father dear,

Here I am

We have the fire and the wood

But there is no lamb.


Take no thought, said Abraham

My son,

God will provide Himself

A lamb.


To the place they now were come,

The dreaded work

Must now be told

To the only son.


And willingly he placed his life

On the altar

Beneath the knife.

While the father’s hand was raise to smite

His only son, his precious life.


But a shout was heard from heaven

Do no harm,

I have found a ransom.

And there behind Abraham

Caught in the thicket

Was a ram.


Quickly he untied his son,

The sacrifice would not be done.

The promised son would be saved,

Another sacrifice to be made.


He was the promised One,

The Son of the Ancient Man

The delight of a virgin Mother

He was God’s well thought out plan.


The young man was Jesus

He was God’s own second self

But t’was heard,

The shepherd must be smitten

By none other but God Himself.


But this was the Son of promise,

The Messiah that had taken away the world’s pain,

If He should be destroyed

There would be no hope again.


Jesus obeyed the Father’s will

But alone He walked to the skull-shaped hill.

Calvary made the Father’s heart weep,

Surely the mountain was far too steep.


Oh Father dear,

Here I am,

We have the wood

But where is the lamb?


God will provide Himself a lamb

God will provide

Himself the Lamb

Jesus Christ the man

The Lamb

Of God.


To the place He now was come,

The dreaded work

Must now be done

To the promised One, and only Son.


And willingly He placed His life

On the altar

Beneath the knife.

While the Father’s hand was raised to smite

His only Son, His precious life.


But is there not another?

Will not a voice be heard from Heaven

Do no harm

For I have found a ransom?


Ah, no, it can never be,

Jesus is the only remedy

No one can take His place

He must die for the wayward race.


The Father did not save His Son

The sacrifice, the gift

Could not be undone,

There was no other lamb to die in His place

He was the Lamb

Dying for our race.


There was no other to be found

He was the one to be bound,

To the wooden cross with arms apart

And also to our broken hearts.


No Father there to save His life

No one to answer the anguished cry

My God, My God

Why have you left my soul to die?


He took the blow,

The whip, the stripes,

The silent Lamb of God

Gave His life.


For all us sheep who have gone astray

On Him our iniquities were laid.


The innocent soul

Was the offering for sin,

In the hope that He

Himself could win

Our renegade hearts

From the depths of sin.


And on that day in heaven,

When the bride arrives

He will say, As He looks her in the eyes

I see the travail of my soul,

And am satisfied.


~ Adriana Wales