Going Canvassing

Going Canvassing

In January 2019, we, as Bible workers from Melbourne – Victoria, organised a three-day canvassing project for the Field, which began on Monday the 14th and extended to Wednesday the 16th.

Training was given on “how to introduce yourself” as well as a description about the books that were going to be offered on a donation basis. We had the participation of mainly young people and some adults as well. We had those who had never canvassed before, those who had not been canvassing for a while, and those who had some training and experience.

People were organised into pairs to go canvassing. We can say it was a real blessing for everyone who got involved in this heaven-developed work, and we are able to say that the promise of God was fulfilled in our lives when He said that He would be with us always!

The results were as follows: By the grace of God we were able to distribute 53 books in total and raise $397.20!

  • 25 Steps to Christ;
  • 01 Desire of Ages;
  • 01 Christ’s Object Lessons.

The rest were a variety of health/cooking/children’s storybooks.

So, after the 3 days of canvassing, our young people wanted to have more of this experience; that’s why we decided to run it for one more day. It took place on the 23rd. We had the participation of adults, young people and some children, too.

These were the results of that day: By God’s grace we were able to distribute 32 Books and raise $223.50!

  • 14 Steps to Christ;
  • 01 Desire of Ages

Again the rest were a variety of health/cooking/children’s story books. Also, we have in mind to run this project on a monthly basis (every last Sunday of the month – whenever it doesn’t conflict with the Field’s other activities and outreaches). Please pray for us! Now I’d like to encourage you to read this following testimonial from one of our young people – Luiza Spirkoski – who participated in this blessed project.

Luiza’s Article