Clayfield Renovation Stage 2

Clayfield Renovation Stage 2

We believe that God has ways and means to help them that trust in Him. Sometimes our faith is tested, but as long as we keep our faith alive, God will supply our needs according to the riches of His glory.

We are happy we were able to finish the installation of the flooring for the hall of the Clayfield church house. Now the hall and the kitchen look neat and tidy and ready for some missionary activities that are being planned. We thank God for impressing so many people to contribute generously towards this project. Many thanks to all who have given so far praise God lots of progress has been made! We have now reached our goal and completed the first stage of the Clayfield Church house renovation project.

Now we are looking at the last major stage of the project, which is to rebuild the front veranda. This will require additional funds, but we believe that God will provide in His own time by touching the hearts of those who can give.

We ask all who would like to help to give generously as we push forward to finalise the front veranda which is very badly in need of repairs for the safety of all and so we can run missionary activities in the future.

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