Days of Prayer 2021

Days of Prayer 2021

It is our privilege as God’s children to lift our hearts to Him, seeking peace and assurance. More than ever before, with the ongoing world situation and the uncertainty of the future, people are in great need of hope and trust in our Lord.

The purpose of the Days of Prayer is to seek to understand and experience the assurance we have in Jesus, and our need to prepare for His second coming and keep our eyes focused on heavenly things.

In prayer, let us remember the needs of those suffering or in difficulty, and pray that the way may be opened that the gospel may reach the world.

Dates: October 2021 (20th, 22nd, 23rd, 27th, 29th, 30th)

Churches meet together as they are able, sharing readings and seasons of prayer.

For churches are not back to meeting in-person, different families meet in small groups, or local churches meet over online platforms (Skype, Zoom, etc.) to read, pray together and have fellowship in such capacity.

Devotional Readings

Readings will be provided and linked here as follows (articles still being added):

No.DateTopicPDF Version
1October 20Courage Instead of FearDownload
2October 22Hope in Uncertain TimesDownload
3October 23Peace – A RealityDownload
4October 27Freedom In HimDownload
5October 29Abundant LifeDownload
6October 30Our Future In His HandsDownload