Victoria Youth Cook-off

Victoria Youth Cook-off

On November 21st, the Victorian youth had an amazing day.

Thanks to the help and organisation of sister Martha Barat, they were able to participate in a “Youth Cook-off.”

We used Sr. Martha’s kitchen to be able to run the program, and young people were divided in teams according to recipes. The cook-off theme was “Italy.” Teams formed were, Pasta team, Pizza team, Gnocchi team, and Tiramisu team (yes, Tiramisu is an Italian dessert).

Every group had to prepare their meals from scratch. They had to use their skills to come up with ideas on how to prepare the recipes. If you are wondering whether Mr. Google was permitted to be used or not… well, yes it was, but sometimes only. So, the youth had to be creative, very creative.

Each team spent a few hours preparing such delicious meals, and you can see the result in the pictures. At the end, we had the chance to taste of all the meals. They were so good. We said that we would vote on the most delicious food, but it was too hard to decide, so we decided that everyone won.

As we are well aware of being in-and-out of lockdowns in this field, we thought it was a good idea to keep the youth bonded by involving them in different activities. We pray that our Lord may help us remain encouraged and active through these uncertain times, and especially the young people, in order for us to be united and active as never before.

May the Lord bless everyone and keep us in your prayers! ~ Miguel Mendoza