Report of the 36th AUC Delegation Session

Report of the 36th AUC Delegation Session

Delegates to the 36th AUC Session

Delegates of the Australasian Union met on the 26th and 27th of December, for the election of new officers and approval of policies and plans for the next three years.

It was voted to continue with the theme, “Uplifting Jesus, Serving People, Proclaiming Truth.”

Officers & Special Committees

  • President: Nathan Tyler
  • Vice Presidents: Miguel Mendoza, Benjamin Thiel
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Paul Chapman
  • Accountant & Asst. Secretary: Deborah Chapman
  • Executive Committee
    • Nathan Tyler
    • Miguel Mendoza
    • Benjamin Thiel
    • Paul Chapman
    • Jacob De Souza
    • Danko Ilic
    • Jacques Payet
  • Council
    • Executive Committee
    • Department and Institution Directors
    • Field & Conference Leaders
    • Bylaws Committee Chair
    • Finance Committee Chair
    • ChurchSafe Coordinator
  • Bylaws Committee: Naomi Thiel (chair), Luke Kneebone, Susanna Mandic, Miguel Mendoza, Nathan Tyler
  • ChurchSafe Officers: Naomi Thiel (coordinator), Larry Ah Ching (assistant), Catherine Robles (contact)
  • Finance Committee: Harold Kraus (chair), Danko Ilic, Mary Wiseman
  • Ministerial Committee: N Tyler (chair), R Acquiatan, P Chapman, J De Souza, M Mendoza, A Pedrosa, B Thiel


  • Children’s Department: Amy Gules
  • Education Department: Ruth Rodionoff
  • Elim Heights Mgt. Committee: Benny Gules
  • Elim Missionary College: Nathan Tyler
  • Health Department: Danica Tyler
  • Media Department: Paul Chapman
  • Missionary Department: Jacob De Souza
  • Sabbath School Department: Arnaldo Pedrosa
  • Welfare Department: Luke Kneebone
  • Young People’s Department: Sam Wiseman

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan was approved by the delegates. Some key points are:

OUR MISSION: To fulfil the Gospel commission by service to the community, uplifting Jesus and proclaiming the truth.

GOAL 1 — To support members of the AUC (research needs, create an action plan and implement over the next three years).

GOAL 2 — Encourage and enable total member involvement through empowering, training and preparing lay people to lead out and serve.

GOAL 3 — Support incoming department directors (initial orientation and training, ongoing support and combined networking sessions at least once a year), and publish the strategic plans of individual department directors in the Good Tidings.

GOAL 4 — To proclaim the truth in our local communities (including plan for the Missionary Department to facilitate at least one outreach seminar in each conference/field during this term).

The strategic plan will be published in full in the near future.