New Zealand Field Spiritual Camp 2005

New Zealand Field Spiritual Camp 2005

Our dear Saviour often taught in parables, to help all to see truth in a clearer light.

"…Many failed of grasping at once the meaning of his parables; but as they day by day came in contact with the objects with which the Great Teacher had associated spiritual truths, some discerned the lessons of divine truth he had sought to impress, and these were convinced of the truth of his mission and converted to the gospel." (SSW, 1 Dec 1909)

"As Christ sat looking upon the party that waited for the bridegroom, He told His disciples the story of the ten virgins, by their experience illustrating the experience of the church that shall live just before His second coming." (COL 406) There are aspects of the parable of the ten virgins that are not clearly understood by many; and so that all may be blessed with clearer light, 18 New Zealand members and a number of interested ones met at Camp Morely over Easter weekend to consider in detail the deep significance of this important parable.

The number staying at camp throughout the weekend was 24, and when Sabbath came the numbers swelled to around 28. After close of Sabbath and evening meal, we held a Praise and Testimony meeting.

The six studies for consideration were, 'Ten Virgins and the Bridegroom', 'Five Wise and Five Foolish and the Preparation Oil', 'The Bridegroom's Delay', 'The Midnight Cry', 'Arousal from Sleep', 'The Trimmed and Burning Lamp' and 'The Shut Door' and 'Watch Therefore'. On Sunday afternoon there was a Workshop/Study, and a youth project was held.

There was a walk in nature, and some of the younger amongst us constructed a house from small pieces of concrete on the shoreline above the water level at low tide. When the tide came in later in the evening, it became an object lesson to those who viewed the demise of the house 'built on the sand'.

We were generally blessed with fine weather with only a couple of light showers. The youth as well as adults had a very good spiritual time, and all were greatly encouraged. A beautiful spirit pervaded the campground over the entire weekend, and it was very encouraging to see prayer bands before meetings and on occasions over the campground.

Sr Judy Paul was in charge of the kitchen, and as usual the meals were just wonderful. There was plenty of food for all, it was very healthy, and when camp closed there was not much left over!

It was also encouraging that two South Island members were able to attend. With more representation from both islands it felt more like a 'New Zealand' Camp.

All too soon Monday came around, and following the final study and closing address, it was time to break camp, clean up and depart. It was a wonderful experience, and all who attended shared sweet fellowship.

With spiritual batteries recharged we all set forth for homes better prepared to share this life-saving message with others.

Geoff McCutcheon