Queensland Field Spiritual Conference

Queensland Field Spiritual Conference


"Reflecting Christ" was the theme for the Queensland Field Spiritual Conference. The venue was Kenilworth, which is approximately 2 hours North of Brisbane.

Church members and visitors from New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland arrived at our camp location to sing, study, learn, pray and fellowship. The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather which I am sure we all appreciated. It was a joy to see so many young children at the camp and one of the Sisters commented on the excellent behaviour of the children during the meetings.

The Friday evenings study entitled "Reflecting Christ", pointed out our great need of prayer and our need of a heart conversion in order to reflect Christ fully.

On Sabbath, Br. Brittain presented to the congregation "Reflecting Christ in Me", with Philippians 2.5, "Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus" was the main thought of his topic. For closing Sabbath Br. Pow’s study titled "Reflecting Christ in the Home" urged upon us the importance of practical Christianity in the home circle.

"Reflecting Christ in the Church" presented by Br. Chapman on Sunday morning encouraged us to work together with our church brethren. The closing study was titled "Reflecting Christ to the World" and Br. Ben Thiel related our mission and responsibility as God’s professed people.

Many thanks to the Allen family and others who helped in the kitchen. We were blessed with some delicious vegetarian cuisine.

One lady who visited the camp on Sunday wrote a letter thanking people for the Christ like manner in which some of our members treated her family. Her son has now expressed his desire to be baptised. She stated that a few members of her family were a little reticent in coming to visit the Reform camp, but they were surprised at the loving attitude portrayed by our people. Often our little smiles, and helpfulness are the greatest witness that can ever be given.

"Many Are Longing for Thoughtfulness. – Many long intensely for friendly sympathy. . . . We should be self-forgetful, ever looking out for opportunities, even in little things, to show gratitude for the favors we have received of others, and watching for opportunities to cheer others and lighten and relieve their sorrows and burdens by acts of tender kindness and little deeds of love. These thoughtful courtesies that, commencing in our families, extend outside the family circle help make up the sum of life’s happiness; and the neglect of these little things makes up the sum of life’s bitterness and sorrow." Adventist Home 428

The feedback from visitors and members alike was very positive. I pray that each attendee gained a rich blessing from this camp and has resolved to search for the Lord with all the heart in order to reflect Christ fully.

Br Jeremy Parker

Queensland Field Leader