Wedding – Josie and Etienne Decuyper

Wedding – Josie and Etienne Decuyper

Josie and Etienne WeddingWhat a happy occasion a wedding always is… the weather looked a little grim on Monday morning the 24th March 2014 as guests started to arrive at the stunning venue in Mt Eliza, Victoria; but we are thankful to God that the rain kept away during the time of the wedding and afterwards while pictures were being taken.  In the beautiful gardens of the vineyard with the ocean as a backdrop, Josie and Etienne Decuyper affirmed their vows to each other in front of a large number of guests.  The service started with the music to the hymn “O Perfect Love” but the lyrics were specially written by Esther Boje:

O Perfect Love

Before our friends, and you, O Lord our witness

May we be filled with joy and peace always

May thy true love, fill all our life with sweetness

Be thou our guide, our stay, for all our days.


O perfect Life, may thy rich blessings hover

O’er our new life, which we embark today

May thy light shine in us from you the giver

Be thou our guide in all our unknown days.


O perfect love, our love will know no ending

May it shine out for, all to see today

Our hearts unite, in love to thee unbending

Be thou our guide, our stay, fore’er we pray.

~ Lyrics by Esther Boje