Clayfield Church Outreach to the elderly – Queensland

Clayfield Church Outreach to the elderly – Queensland

On Sabbath afternoon 20 September at 1:30pm our young people and supporters from the Clayfield Church arrived at the Wesley Home for the elderly to sing and praise God for the group who were gathered there. The theme for the afternoon was ‘The Woman at the Well.’

After much practice over the past weeks, our little “choir” gathered with all their instruments. Daniella introduced the group, and the first item was “The Woman at the Well”. Daniella then told the story in segments while the young people played their violins, cello, button accordion, and flute in various items. Jordan said a lovely poem on the story, from the woman’s perspective. It was great to hear our newly formed choir singing their parts. The last item sung by the choir was the rousing hymn, “The Banner of the Cross.”

After the all too soon conclusion, we greeted all the people in the room. They greatly appreciated our visit and want us to come back very soon. One of the ladies had lived around Clayfield in her growing up years and married life and was in a choir for many years. She knew all the words of the hymns and sang along.

We pray that all received a blessing as they listened to the words of life.

~ Submitted by Irene Wiseman

Selected from “The Pioneer Newsletter” Vol. 4 Issue 36