Queensland Baptisms – Faumuina and Panchia

Queensland Baptisms – Faumuina and Panchia

Sabbath 28 February 2015

Baptism in Coomera QLD (L-R): Jacob De Souza (Bible Worker), Rachel Panchia, Spiki Faumuina, Luka Faumuina, Paul Chapman (Minister)

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The Sabbath of February 28, 2015 was a high die for those who attended the Sabbath Services in the Pimpama group, on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The day was bright and the temperature warm, though the late afternoon rainclouds threatened to spoil the occasion.  Thankfully, the weather remained fine as Luka & Spiki Faumuina and Rachel Panchia made their covenant with the Lord through baptism.

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The afternoon profession of faith and baptism in a lake by Coomera, was complemented by a wonderful morning of Bible Study and worship. Many visitors were present for the occasion, and all rejoiced together with heaven as three more souls were added to the kingdom. Sr Spiki’s stand for the Lord is no doubt an answer to the prayers of her mother, Sr Tupe Sauvao, who passed away in 2013. Sr Spiki is the first of her siblings to take a stand for the Lord in baptism. Her husband, Luka has made a wonderful experience in his decision to accept the Lord and take a stand for the Sabbath truth. Their four young children were thrilled to see their mum and dad baptised. Those that know Sr Rachel Panchia were also thrilled to hear her testimony and witness her baptism.

“The obligations in the spiritual agreement entered into at baptism are mutual. As human beings act their part with whole-hearted obedience, they have a right to pray, “Let it be known, Lord, that Thou art God in Israel.” The fact that you have been baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, is an assurance that if you will claim their help, these powers will help you in every emergency. The Lord will hear and answer the prayers of His sincere followers who wear Christ’s yoke and learn in His school His meekness and lowliness.”—Testimonies, vol. 6, pp. 98, 99.

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We pray that the Lord will bless these dear souls, that they might be true to their covenant, and that they will faithfully continue in the pathway of spiritual growth in Christ, unto the full measure of men and women in Christ Jesus.