AUC: Workers Wive’s Seminar

AUC: Workers Wive’s Seminar

This year from 8th to 9th January, we were able to run a session for the workers’ wives. We had a similar session several years ago and have felt the need to have another like meeting for a while. When we were planning the meetings, we were trying to find a time when the wives would be free. This was a challenge since most of our workers’ wives have young children. So we decided to run the meetings after the workers’ seminar was finished; then the men could look after the children so the women could be free.

During the workers’ seminar, the wives had to share the duty of preparing the meals. Several of the wives graciously agreed to do the cooking, even though they had small children and their husbands were in the sessions. So when it came time for the ladies to meet, we decided to have the men do the cooking and look after the children. Anticipating that it might be too much for the men to do this, we were able to have Sis. Jessica Brown to help the men with the cooking, along with some of the other young ladies. I think the highlight of the cooking was the barbecue prepared by the men on the Sunday of the ladies’ session. It was truly an amazing meal, held in the new barbecue area down by the children’s playground. It was good to see the men with their cooking aprons on attending to the barbecue and the rest of the food. Well done, men! And thanks to Jessica and Melissa and Alyssia as well.

Before meeting together in January, we had gathered a list of topics which were of concern to us. When we met together, we prioritised the list and added a few topics. It was lovely to see everyone sharing and participating. We actually were able to go through our entire list. We were also blessed to have Sis. Weymark and Sis. Brittain with us for the first day of the session. We realised that we are much more effective as workers’ wives as we fellowship more one with another. It was very encouraging as we tried together to find practical ways to bless our own families as well as ways to help and bless those around us.

During the seminar, we realised that we need to have more regular communication among ourselves, so we decided to start our own ladies’ prayer breakfast once a month, similar to what the men have. On this prayer breakfast, we share thanksgiving, passages we’ve come across, challenges we are facing, prayer requests, and experiences. We also share what is going on in our fields. We have been able to keep in touch with each other via Skype and What’s App.

We look forward to our next seminar when we will be able to address new topics and share our own experiences.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren [and sisters] to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1.

~ Deborah Chapman